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I pursued a career in sales, but wasn't hitting the targets that I needed to. I greatly benefited from the upsell strategy session.  I smashed my Q4 numbers and made it to the President's Club the year after. 

Open for Business


My only regret is that I didn't do this sooner. I reached out to Lisa numerous times over the two years that I sat idle. Lisa delicately gave me the push and the direction I needed to launch my eco-friendly kids line.

Professional Woman


Lisa isn't a Queen, she's a warrior and now I proudly consider myself one too. I felt unheard and overlooked for promotion after promotion. I've found my voice and now hold a place in my career that I'm proud of. 

Professional Male


I was packaged out after a 22 year run and was anything but prepared to start my career over. A colleague recommended Lisa's coaching program. Lisa coached me through every essential step until I was hired. Her professionalism and compassion are unparalleled to none. 

Professional Makeup Artist


THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Lisa was an incredible coach who took my part-time passion and made it profitable. I'm now doing what I love on my own schedule. 

Confident Young Woman

Cara, Ready-Set-Launch

This program was straightforward, clear and easy to follow. There are no extra costs or hidden fees, it was exactly as promised. The daily emails kept me accountable and the action steps were reasonable. I never felt distracted from being a mom, Lisa made it possible to be and become all the things I've wanted to. When COVID-19 led to my lay-off, I was ready to go. I would definitely recommend working with Lisa. 

Professional Man


I applied to over 50 jobs and not one interview. I spent countless hours with recruiters that never called me back. In less than 3 weeks with Lisa, I had 4 interviews booked. In 7 weeks I was hired. Highly recommend working with Lisa MacQueen.

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