"Have we met? If not, let's change that."

- Lisa MacQueen - 

Lisa MacQueen, Managing Director of Queen and Co. Has been influencing positive change for more than 15 years.  She is also the owner of All things Skin Beauty Spa & Boutique Hotel, located in the east end of Toronto.


Toronto's Queen of Hearts isn’t just passionate about her career she’s passionate about yours. Whether you’re mapping a new path, cultivating next steps to succession, or seeking support when making those tough executive decisions, she’s the behind scenes Coach for many CEO's , setting you up for your success story. 


The team:

Known for knowing only the best. Working with an affiliated team of elite professionals, who are masters of their craft. Together, we hold access to an exclusive rolodex, directly  benefiting our clients and their individual needs. Working to provide on time solutions tailored to develop your business on your terms. 

What we Do:

Coaching and Consulting: Offering support where you need it most.  Individual development, including career mapping, managing your personal brand, coaching you through succession planning. For businesses, we consult on your short and long term business plans, helping you to source the tools you need to build a strong and sustainable business. 

Introductions: We bridge introductions of value. We confidentially source investors, buyers or solutions for your company's needs. 

Brand and Strategy: Providing creative content and developing strategy to execute next steps and measurable results. Analyzing current market trends matched to your industry, providing in-depth consumer insights along with relevant data to help our clients determine their advertising & media budget as well as outlining their priorities.   Gaining  partnerships, new clients and providing you with the right tools to manage it all. 

Community: Helping you create a community footprint by helping others. Enhancing your brand as an employer, increasing your positive reviews, addressing the critical components of being a boss and and helping you to hire as an equal opportunity employer. 

Hiring: Clients rely on us to seek out exceptional talent. Our services are known for our commitment to confidentiality. Able to accommodate most budgets.

In short, we'll never know if we can help if you don't reach out and ask. 

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